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Your Digital Course Developer 

You could keep creating the content for your courses manually, taking months, but why?

Rapid course creation is easy with LearnExperts Artificial Intelligence (LEAi), software built specifically to help you go fast.
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Why Do-It-Yourself course creation is slow and flawed
Relying on your subject matter expert’s schedule can be tough
Finding relevant content and repurposing it into training can take months  
Updating that content when something changes requires a repetitive search and replace process

Sharing content in another course, takes work

Knowing how to develop test questions or what graphics to use can be tedious

Linking to training delivery software requires IT expertise
Why it's easier with LEAi (LearnExperts AI)
Start with content that already exists, already developed by the subject matter experts

Automatically convert content into training with best practice applied through artificial intelligence

Make rapid updates to the content that takes days, not months

Repurpose content with 1-click  

Choose from test question or graphic templates that LEAi serves up based on your context

Choose the output format and automatically create it or link it

We want to deliver exceptional value through course creation that feels like MAGIC. We combine AI and human logic to create courses fast, with a built-in advisor, so your courses look like an expert built them.”

DAVID DEWAR, VP Technology & User Experience

Why LEAi?

Use Content That Exists

Be Guided to Apply Best Practice

Update Your Course Fast

Share Content and Repurpose it Too

Select From Best Practice Templates

Choose How You Want to Deliver Your Course and You’re Ready
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It’s already easy to use, but if you need us we are still here for you.

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