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Garth Smedley
Software Architect

Garth started his software development career at the age of 13 by programming in assembler on a home-built microcomputer. He later graduated with honours from Acadia University with a B. Sc. In Computer Science and started his career at Bell Northern Research working on an entity-relation based data base management system.


Garth continued his education at UBC where he completed his M. Sc. In Computer Science specializing in computer vision and parallel programming. After graduating, Garth returned to Halifax and worked for several years leading development teams at start-ups based in Halifax and Ottawa. His accomplishments include working on an award-winning visual programming language, an early home internet appliance, and datamining systems.


In 2008, Garth was one of the founders of Kanayo Software which went on to create a remote patient monitoring system which was licensed by Tunstall, an international healthcare systems provider. In 2018 Kanayo was acquired by Tunstall.


Garth lives in Nova Scotia where he enjoys kayaking along the Atlantic coast, playing tennis, cycling and camping.