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Helping companies train sooner and grow revenue faster.

Our Mission

We believe in combining technology with human intelligence to change traditional processes into modern solutions with trusted value.
That’s why we built LearnExperts Artificial Intelligence (LEAi), that performs rapid course creation to create consistent, ready to use courses that look just like an expert built them. This cuts time to develop from months to days and enables our customers to succeed faster.

Our Story

After 20 years working at large technology companies in the training organizations, Sarah decided to leave the comforts of corporate life and fulfill a mission to disrupt the learning technology space.

She was inspired years ago, as head of course development, when she received a call from the CEO who needed her help because they were acquiring customers and releasing new features quickly, but their training lagged six- to nine-months after product release. This meant they couldn’t train their customers fast enough to get immediate value from the software and the company risked losing them as customers.

While Sarah was able to reengineer the course development process to ensure launch alongside the product release, which had a positive impact to customers, it was still a manual process and very time-consuming, taking months to develop the content and release the courses.

Her experiences led to transforming course creation, so that companies no longer have to do it the hard way, and that’s how LEAi was created. Today, the system achieves rapid and consistent results, giving anyone the ability to create quality courses with best practices applied, accelerating training for businesses anywhere. And guess, what? Customer’s want in!

We’ve built an intelligent system that solves a significant problem that blocks business growth, the need to train people quickly, where the struggle with a slow and expensive manual process that we have experienced too for many years has a big impact to retaining customers and employees."


LearnExperts AI combines technology and human intelligence that results in rapid course creation using existing resources."

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