LEAi - Your Digital Course Developer 

You could keep creating content for your courses manually, but WHY?

LEAi is a learning content creation tool that allows businesses to use the material they already have to create well-structured knowledge-sharing and training programs. 

With AI and human intelligence, the content that LEAi produces is used to create instructor-led training, eLearning, knowledge base articles, virtual class content, presentations, webinars, videos and more.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Features to create great, well-structured learning content

Use Content You Have

LEAi imports existing content, like documents, presentations, webpages, wikis, community content, and videos, and using its proprietary AI-based model, transforms learning content to train others. 

Non-Learning Content 

LEAi takes content that is not-purpose built for learning applies training best practices and templates to create effective learning content.

Built-In LearnAdvisor 

LearnAdvisor is a proprietary feature that continuously monitors the content being created, identifies what does not follow learning best practices and provides suggestions on how to improve it. 

Develop Once,
Reuse Reuse Reuse

Repurpose content created by LEAi for multiple purposes and audiences including step-by-step instructions, presentations, knowledge base articles, videos, employee training and eLearning courses. 


LEAi does the hard work of taking large sections of learning content and breaking it into smaller sections where each covers a smaller number of learning objectives in the delivery.

Course Duration Calculator

LEAi uses industry benchmarks to calculate the length of the course, including instruction text, demonstrations, video content, and questions, which allows creators to build a balanced course.

Update Once.
Update Everywhere.

LEAi's intelligent update feature understands when changes are made to course material and with one click applies the same changes to all learning content that uses that content, even when it appears in other courses.  

Our Intuitive Interface Makes It Easier to Build Course Content


Meet Katie, A LEAi User...


Katie like many of LearnExperts clients, is an employee that wears many hats. As an HR generalist, Katie helps her organization with many tasks including customer success, management training and customer training. 

Katie started using LEAi because of the volume of work on her plate and she needed to streamline her processes and introduce efficiencies. She uses LEAi to sift through the company’s content to create training content. So far she has successfully created content to onboard new employees and train customers. 

One of the things that she loves about LEAi is that it is so easy to update the content she creates. She simply logs into LEAi, makes any changes and all the courses that use that content is automatically updated – what a time saver!

Conquer Content Creator Challenges

"My SMEs don’t have time to meet with me to provide information on the new features."

"I don’t have time to take on new requests for course content because I already have such a big backlog. I can’t keep up with the demand. "

“I have documentation from SMEs to create training, but I don’t know how to turn it into training.”

"It’s going to take me weeks to update all our training material, and I can’t remember all of the places I need to make the changes so I’ll have to go through every course."

"I’ve been asked to create an online employee onboarding training program, but I don’t know learning best practices."

"The management team just asked for bite sized learning modules and I don’t know where to start."

"When I create training material, I need to recreate and reformat it several times to cater to different audiences." 

We want to deliver exceptional value through course creation that feels like MAGIC. We combine AI and human logic to create courses fast, with a built-in advisor, so your courses look like an expert built them.”

David Dewar, VP Technology & User Experience

Why LEAi and LearnExperts

Why LEAi

  • Use content that exists

  • Be guided by best practices

  • Update courses fast

  • Repurpose content easily 

  • Choose how you want to deliver your course 

Why LearnExperts 

  • We have years of experience building modern training programs and we can provide strategic advice to amplify your training program.

  • You can trust us to be here when you need us. With our customer-focused team, you can reach us with any questions.

  • Take advantage of our social media posts and blogs to keep up with learning best practices and industry trends to move your training program to the next level.